A Day In The Life Of A Child Advocacy Center Worker

be the voiceWe are a director, a child advocate, a forensic interviewer, a counselor, a doctor, and wearers of many, many hats. We have full days, full schedules, and full hearts for the work we do.

However this work is not always easy. In fact the hard days far outnumber the easy ones. On any given day we are interviewing and examining and advocating for child victims of horrific abuse. We are privy to some of the saddest, most heartbreaking, and often times angering experiences that these precious souls have gone through.

And on top of this, we are also parents, spouses, daughters, siblings, and friends. We have bills we pay, children to take care of, and stresses of everyday life.

But even on the hardest of the hardest days, we come together to fight for these children victims. We take off and put on as many different hats that it takes to provide safety, healing, and education to the families that we work with. We wipe away the tears of defeat and celebrate the victories of triumph, all in the same day.

And so we would like to invite you to enter into our lives and minds as child advocacy center workers as we fight daily to give a voice to those who are voiceless.